Fading/Topical Creams

Not recommended to treat freckles

Steer clear

The problem is - creams bleach normal skin as well.

Fading & Removal Creams Not Effective for Freckles

Fading and remover creams tend to bleach the whole skin, including the areas surrounding the freckles, making it very difficult to treat freckles with any type of bleaching cream. Invariably such creams bleach the normal skin as well as the freckled skin, resulting in the same level of color difference between the normal skin and the freckled skin.

Lasers are the treatment of choice for freckle removal.

Retin-A does tend to normalize pigmentation, so use of Retin-A products, which can be irritating in light skinned patients, can be helpful. Retin-A does a good job in reducing the appearance of freckles because it normalizes the pigmentation in the skin.

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